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Michael Greene

Michael Greene

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mike is responsible for all commercial activity at ResiShares.

Mike's fascination with the housing market began with a guest lecture in his undergrad economics class by Nobel-winning economist Robert Shiller. The lecture focused on Shiller’s eponymous home price indices, and the futures contract he intended to base on them. The power of innovation in housing finance to transform society made a deep impression.

During his 15 years in the securities industry, first on the sell side and then as the head trader at Bocage Capital, Mike had a front row seat to the rapid systematization of human intuition in trade execution, portfolio optimization, risk analysis, and asset selection. The implications of this evolution on the housing market were never far from his mind.

Mike left the securities industry in 2017 to focus on this new housing asset class, working with top SFR and whole loan investors at HouseCanary, a leading home valuation and analytics platform. Witnessing the organic emergence of the single family rental ecosystem convinced him that real estate’s journey into further financialization and democratization is only just beginning.